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Money Does Grow on Trees in a Bio-fuel Plantation - 80% Returns over 5 year term

Lower carbon emissions and save our planet by investing in your own bio-fuel plantation!!!

This is a guaranteed,risk free stable investment opportunity!!!

80% returns over a 5 year term!!!

Millettia Pinnata oil producing trees are grown on the Bio-fuel plantation and each land plot is registered in the client’s name giving them title to the land and the trees (for identification purposes). The client has no involvement in the crop production but instead has security from receiving a fixed annual rental income from their land - for 20 years (or alternatively see 5 year plan). This is similar to a "buy to let" property investment.

The client also has an exit strategy should they wish to sell their land back to the company any time after year 10 - or they can continue to receive their ongoing 17% annual rental income until year 20.

Millettia Pinnata is a superior species of Pongamia Pinnata (Recent research on Pongamia suggested its name should be changed to Millettia Pinnata). It is a “green oil” Bio-fuel producing tree that has a 10 meter taproot, thus creating a substantial carbon sink. The dense shade it provides slows the evaporation of surface water and its root structures promote nitrogen fixation, which moves nutrients from the air into the soil.

Millettia Pinnatta easily surpasses the plantation oil yield of other oil crops such as Palm and Jatropha, with high oil content of 40-50%. In addition, the rich seed cake remaining after pressing the seed can be utilized as organic fertilizer, high protein animal stock feed, or biomass for heat and power generation.

Millettia Pinnata (Pongamia) - Bio-fuel 5 Year Land License

5 Years Super Intensive Bio-fuel Millettia Programme
80% return on your money paid at the end of year five

Invested capital returned at the end of year five
Comprehensive plantation and crop insurance cover
Plantation is located Australia

Minimal £10,000.00 GBP entry
Capital is protected by mortgage debenture
SIPP (self invested pension portfolio) Approved

Massive benefits to the environment and community
The oil produced is used to generate sustainable clean energy

Millettia Pinnata (Pongamia) - Bio-fuel 20 Year Land License

Client's have title to a specific plot of land, which is fully assignable and can be transferred or sold at any time during the 20 year term.
The Land License option enables an entry point for individuals and companies to benefit from the renewable energy sector with tangible asset ownership. We offer you a truly passive income producing opportunity in the fastest growing industry of the 21st Century.

How your Millettia Land License investment works:

You buy a 20 year land license in Cairns Hinterland, Australia. The land is divided into plots of one hectare. The minimum investment is a half hectare at a cost of £16,000 GBP. The company is growing Millettia, a Green Oil Plantation, which will produce Green Oil, Livestock Feed, Fertilizer and Honey which will be sold locally. As a License Owner you will be paid a fixed interest for the land licensed under your name for the term of your investment. The Green Oil produced from trees is processed and used to generate clean electricity locally. The company will also offer you a buy back option from year 10. The returns are paid annually in Sterling directly into your chosen account on each anniversary of your investment. In addition to receiving annual interest from their Land License the client also recieves back their initial capital investment at the end of the term (or earlier if clients choose to exercise the early exit strategy)
Commercial Joint Venture Plantations (Organizations and Institutions)

The commercial large scale project opportunities we are able to offer is aimed at Companies, Organizations, Financial Institutions and Investment Funds who wish to establish a fully managed Joint Venture (JV) project within the growining Bio-fuel "green oil" production sector. This includes the application of new technology and innovation in the improvement of soil fertility, genetics and improvement of overall plantation productivity.
We are able to offer high yielding genetically superior commercial Millettia Plantations and consulting services in order that the plantations produce the highest financial returns. This is done through a number of factors including advanced technology in nursery establishment, crop management as well as pruning and harvesting techniques.

If you are interested in this guaranteed,risk free and stable investment opportunity please contact me ASAP.

Contact: Mark Waite

Investment Advisor

Omega Land Investments

314 Sovereign Quay

Somerset Rd

Green Point

Western Cape

South Africa

UK Office: +44 844 910 7719

Tel: +27 87 943 4754
Mobile: +27 74 116 5213

Email: mark.waite@incomeforlife.co.za

Alternate Email: mjw0710@vodamail.co.za

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