Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guaranteed, Green Land Investment Opportunity in Millettia Pinnatta, Bio-Fuel producing Plantation in Queensland, Australia

Growing a GREENER World and Creating GREEN Energy with Millettia Pinnata the sustainable crop of the future

The world's natural resources are finite.

As the population grows, the demand for fuel,
energy, food and water has never been greater.

Despite the good efforts that many governments and private organizations now employ to implement the
necessary infrastructure, the many issues to address are on a mass scale and much more still needs to be done.

Green Oil Plantations believes that the way forward is by implementing commercially-viable renewable energy sources
and clean technology that provides sustainable energy security and infrastructure in many countries around the world.
We are now leading the way to deliver secure green oil project opportunities for smart ethical investors
Green Oil Plantations is a World leader in the production of sustainable green oil producing crops

Project Opportunities

Green Oil Plantations is delighted to introduce Agricultural Land leases for sale in Queensland, Australia.

This is available through our short or long term projects.

The lease will be fully registered in your name at the Australian Land registry.

The land is located in Cairns Hinterland, under two hours from the famous Australian Barrier Reef.

The plots are pre-planted with a green oil producing tree called Millettia Pinnatta. This tree lives for up to 100 years with a productive life of 65 to 70 years. Its produce can be used for many purposes such as the generation of carbon neutral sustainable electricity, animal feed, organic fertilizer, bio-herbicide, bio-diesel, bio-jet fuel to name but a few. Its crop is extremely beneficial to the environment as each hectare can absorb as much as 50 tonnes of Co2 per year.

You can buy the leasehold for the purpose of exploiting it yourself, appointing a management company or alternatively you can enter into a contract with Green Oil Plantations.

Should you choose to use Green Oil Plantations, you will benefit from an attractive annual rental return of up to 17% of the value of your lease in our 10 years tenancy opportunity or 80% appreciation on the value of your trees paid at the end of year 5 with our guaranteed buyback management contract.

You are absolutely free to exit these contracts any time by simply giving us a 3 months’ notice.

Green Oil Plantations directors have 30 years experience in the development and management of sustainable green oil producing crops.

Both projects can be purchased with Cash or via a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension)
You can now make money with a clean conscience!

5 Year Project Opportunity

Super Intensive Millettia Tree Plantation located in Queensland, Australia

This project gives you the opportunity to purchase a lease of green oil producing trees and land in Australia.

The lease is fully registered in your name for a period of 5 years.

You are free to sell, reassign, manage or appoint a management company to exploit your land and trees.

Each tree is worth £21.60. You can buy lots of 463 trees (covering quarter hectare), 926 trees (covering half hectare) and 1,852 trees (covering one hectare).

Green Oil Plantations offers you an optional guaranteed buyback management contract where we will purchase your trees back from you at the end of year 5 for a price of £38.88 each. This represents a total of 80% appreciation on the value of your trees.

In order for you to take advantage of the buyback offer, your trees will need to be managed by Green Oil Plantations for the full term of 5 years. This allows the company to exploit the products produced by your trees.

* Green Oil – Used to produce sustainable clean electricity
* Animal Feed
* Organic Fertilizer
* Honey
* Carbon Credits
* Bio Herbicide

You are free to exit the management contract anytime with a 3 months’ notice.

You can buy multiple lots of trees with the minimum investment of £10,000 which buys you 463 trees. You can also purchase lots of 926 trees for £20,000 or 1,852 trees for £40,000.

Should you chose to have your trees and land managed by Green Oil Plantations, we will also take at our own cost, an annual comprehensive insurance to cover any risks of plantation damages and tree owner loss of returns.

The trees can be purchased with cash or via a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).

There is a one off fee of £550 to register the trees and land lease in your name with the Australian Land Registry.

10 Year Project Opportunity

We are pleased to offer Australian Agricultural Projects in Cairns, North Queensland. Investors can buy leasehold plots of land of the following sizes: quarter, half and one hectares. The lease term for this project is 10 years. Plots come pre-planted with green oil producing Millettia Pinnata trees.

A quarter hectare is priced at £8,000, a half hectare £16,000 and a full hectare £32,000. You can buy multiples of the sizes available.

The lease is fully registered in your name at the Australian land registry office for a one off registration fee of £550.00. The leaseholder has total freedom to do whatever he wishes with the leased plot.

Green Oil Plantations gives you the choice to enter into a tenancy agreement where you become the landlord and Green Oil Plantations the tenant.

Should wish to enter the tenancy agreement, we will pay you a fixed annual rental return as illustrated below:

The landlord has the flexibility to give a 3 month’s notice to exit the tenancy any time during the tenancy term.
The lease purchase amount will be refunded to you if you decide to stay for the full tenancy term of 10 years.

Green Oil Plantations can pay such rental returns when they utilize each rented plot for the management and exploitation of your tree’s produce.

Each plot produces the following products which can be sold locally in Australia.

* Green Oil – Used to produce sustainable clean electricity
* Animal Feed
* Organic Fertilizer
* Honey
* Carbon Credits
* Bio Herbicide

Green Oil Plantations will also take at its own cost an annual comprehensive insurance to cover any risks of plantation damages. For landlord protection our insurance will also cover loss of rental income.
The leases can be purchased with cash or via a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension

Minimum investment: 10000.00 GBP/R120000.00 ZAR (Depending on exchange rate)

If you are interested in this guaranteed, risk free and stable investment opportunity please contact me ASAP to reserve your plot of Millettia Pinnata Bio-Fuel plantation in Queensland,Australia.

Best regards,

Mark Waite
Investment Advisor
Omega Land Investments
T/A Sovereign Land

Tel: +27 87 943 4754

Mobile: +27 74 116 5213


Alt email:


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